Receive better end-of-life care with the support of people who genuinely care

Hospice and palliative care are dedicated to helping the terminally ill live life to the fullest— as free from pain as possible while enjoying new experiences surrounded by friends and family. Through our support, we wish that our clients appreciate life by being able to receive compassionate, thoughtful, and quality end-of-life services.

VistaRiver Charitable Foundation provides end-of-life education to members of the local communities. VistaRiver Charitable Foundation has volunteers who are certified and trained to deliver end-of-life education. Our end-of-life education services include lectures, community seminars, and educational workshops to help those with life-limiting conditions who need support during this stage. All of VistaRiver Charitable Foundation’s end-of-life education efforts will occur at local facilities throughout the communities we serve. VistaRiver Charitable Foundation’s services charge NO FEES; the organization shall fund the costs associated with our grief and bereavement services through any grants and community donations we receive.

VistaRiver Charitable Foundation will donate any extra funds to local hospice and palliative care programs to help them flourish as the next generation of holistic care providers.

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