Providing you and your loved ones with free, quality healthcare services

Health disparities that stem from a lack of healthcare accessibility continue to persist in America. We steadily address this problem by facilitating community outreach efforts that help people from low-income classes or the houseless receive quality medical attention without costs. We collaborate with healthcare practitioners willing to dedicate their time, effort, and expertise to our nonprofit charitable activities.

VistaRiver Charitable Foundation spends 20% of its time planning and 80% facilitating various nonprofit charitable activities. Our board of nonprofit, licensed professionals, and volunteers conduct these nonprofit activities at local facilities throughout the United States. The organization shall find these activities through grants and donations. We shall allocate all excess funds to our succeeding nonprofit activities. The activities we facilitate further our charity work’s purposes by providing access to free resources and healthcare services to those in need in local communities.

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To go forth with our charity work, we openly accept any form of support to help better our organization and enrich our charity work. Support us on our cause today!